Want amazing sound effects for your game ?

Need awesome-sounding audio for your animated movie?

Looking for a mixing and mastering engineer at a reasonable price?

Hed Gilboa has been active in several recording studios in Tel-Aviv since graduating the Hed School of Music's audio engineering course in 1995.

He engineered and co-produced the earlier work of several prominent Israeli musicians during a 5-year stint at Delphi Studios where he gained valuable experience with a wide variety of musical styles and genres.

After a 6-year stint as resident deejay in Joey's Bar in Tel Aviv, he worked on a wide range of post-production and audio-design projects at Sofa Sound Studios and Sweetsound Studios, including audio design for animation, gaming, infomercials, commercials and music production.

He also designs and builds acoustic spaces for rehearsal rooms, recording studios and home/project studios.

He can play drums, a bit of guitar, has a keen ear for vocal arrangements and is a pretty good cook.

"I  found him to be, by far, the best engineer that I have worked with in the last forty years."

 - Gino Wong, ReRed Recording.

"Hed is 150% dedicated and passionate about what he does, and it reflects in everything he does."

- Mor Hasson, DGN Games.

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