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Hed Gilboa - Sound Design and Acoustics

Audio Post Production

  • Soundtrack design for infomercials, commercials, cinema and TV

  • Original music scoring and editing

  • Narration direction and dubbing

  • Sound effect design (foleys, ambience, etc.)

  • Dialog channel noise reduction and mixdown

  • Final mixdown and preparation of stems for surround mixing in compliance with EBU R128 and ATSC A/85.

"If you talk to any director, they'll say music is fifty percent of the movie."                                                                                                - Hans Zimmer

Hed Gilboa sound design

Sound to guide the plot - fast!

Or: hearing a whisper over the explosions

In the world of post production, I discovered (besides the imperative "We need it yesterday!") that sound can make or break the production. Quality soundtrack design can change a film's fate from "a pile of trash" into "worthy of screening and even watching". After over 100 commercials, infomercials, TV series and 3 or 4 feature films, I learned along the way how to direct narrators, balance room tones and even compose original score music, all at the hectic pace required to meet the deadlines of the post-production world. 
I also teach audio design a

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