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Hed Gilboa - Sound Design and Acoustics

Sound Design For Animation

  • Original music scoring and editing

  • Direction and dubbing of voice over and character narration

  • Sound effects editing (I have a sound effects library of over 18,000 sound bites) 

  • Sound effect creation and mixdown


The soundtrack is ​crafted with the animator and the film's needs in mind, thus creating a soundtrack that is an inseparable part of the final work.

Special discounts for student films.

"The last thing you want to do is blend in. You want to stand out, and hopefully in a good way."                                                 

 - Genndy Tartakovsky

Hed Gilboa recording audio dub and voice acting

The sound of rain

Or: narrating an alien

During my stint as an audio post-production engineer, I worked on numerous projects for animation studios providing conyent for toddlers (BabyTV, HOP). The intense work with the animators led to other projects (infomercials, commercials and gaming). The same animators eventually became tutors of animation students at Shenkar and Bezalel, for whom I created the soundtrack for their graduation projects which have garnered international acclaim.

I really enjoy creating an auditory world for a product that starts life as a silent movie and comes to life under my hands. I quickly discovered a knack for directing character narration, some of which I even perform myself (yup - aliens too!). I currently offer a complete soundtrack for animators including original score music, sound effects, character dubbing, voice-over and final mixdown.

Sound Design For Animation

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