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Hed Gilboa - Sound Design and Acoustics

Audio Design for Gaming

Complete sound design for games, tailor-made to the games' concept and vision.

  • Original music

  • Voice-over and character  narration

  • Creation of sound effects

  • Balancing of audio elements to create a functional mix

  • Focused assistance with implementation

  • QA

  • Audio post-production for teasers and trailers

Rated pricing enables feasible quotes for developers of Indie Games ​​​

"Music is the mediator between spiritual life and sensory life".                                       

 - Ludwig van Beethoven 

Hed Gilboa game audio design

Playing with sound

Or: an auditory user experience

Designing sound for gaming is a formidable challenge that demands extensive experience in music, sound effect creation and narration. With a sound-effects library of about 20,000 soundbites (75GB of sound) and years of experience in music production and soundtrack design for animation, I track your project during implementation and QA to ensure seamless and optimal integration of the sound design into the game. Over the past 10 years I have designed audio for over 150 games for leading brands worldwide: 

888, Beach Bum, MytopiaNetomedia,

LuckyfishGTHDGN, Huuuge, Come2PlayGliding Deer, Mashigene Games.

Audio post production for Trailers and Teasers

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