Lofasz - Lulu

With almost 25 years of experience, Hed has been involved as recording engineer, co-producer and mixing/mastering engineer with almost every type of music production and genre imaginable, from classical through world music, jazz, pop, hip-hop, electronic, heavy metal, etc.

"Hed's technical musical knowledge and his ability to apply and integrate it into the recording process made him an all around support system and asset for me as a producer. I can feel that my work is in competent hands when collaborating with Hed Gilboa." 

- Gino Wong, ReRed Recording.

Rilli - Lehitraot

Infektzia - Mis'adot Dagim

Confusion - Sound Adventure

Ze'ev Tene - Lokeach Et Atzmi

Mellow Kim - Cream

The Right Rabbit - Chof Chofshi

Uri Kalian - MA Shelo Af Nofel

Ravit Sahar - 3 Days

sheukhdala - Nir Barkat

Kuku Bloff - Beshem Ha'emuna

Shoresh - Dr. Jacob

Anet Bono - Misterblue