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Hed Gilboa - Sound Design and Acoustics

Music Production, Mixing, Mastering

Professional music production including mixing and mastering in a cozy environment and at attractive prices. 

  • DAW processes implemented on Cubase 9.5 or Pro Tools 12 using the finest plug-ins. 

  • Yamaha HS-5 monitors and a Yamaha receiver + JBL speakers ensure your mix is compatible with any audio environment.

  • Vocal and acoustic instrument recording performed on a Sure KSM32 microphone

"The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between".                                                 

 - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 

Hed Gilboa recording and mixing

Obsessed with sound

Or: How I morphed from musician to sound guy - and back again

As a child, my mother used to play me a lot of classical music.  After discovering The Beatles by the age of 6, and after 2 years of violin lessons (which I didn't really like) and 3 years in the legendary "Pa'amonim" children's choir, I began collecting records and analyzing "the magic". I began playing drums and found a talent for fine arts, which enabled me to enroll in the Thelma Yellin Highschool of Arts and play music until the Israeli Army forced me to postpone the drumming for 3 years. The immediate option was guitar, which I taught myself along with basic music theory, but what really intrigued me wasn't the notes themselves, but the spaces in between - the overall sound of the production. So I studied sound, and have been working in studios as producer and engineer ever since. Over the years, there was a growing demand for me to play some of the parts myself and even arrange for instruments and backing vocals, and so I happily found myself playing music again. 

Music production, mixing, mastering and more

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