During the past 14 years Hed has designed and built several recording studios and rehearsal rooms, gaining extensive experience and knowledge of practical studio acoustics and infrustructure.

Among his creations you'll find: Sofa Sound, Sweetsound, Gal Padeh's studio, and Shalter Studios.

Hed offers: 

  • Design and construction of acoustic spaces for project/home recording studios and practice rooms

  • Incorporation of cost-effective recycling of domestic materials

  • User-friendly design and construction of studio and rehearsal room infrastructure

  • Project/home studio soundproofing and wiring consultation

"I have personally recommended Hed in the past to a customer for the construction of a project studio. Hed executed the work excellently and to the customer's complete satisfaction. In my opinion, whoever employs Hed will be getting one of the best!"

Erez Caspi, Bardo's Vintage Recording House


"Hed Gilboa designed, planned and oversaw the entire process, with a professionalism and involvement rarely found in Israel. The results were amazing!"

Gal Padeh, Producer

"Hed has considerable talents as a carpenter and a deep understanding of acoustics and their application in studio design and construction."

Uri Kalian, Sweetsound Studios