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Hed Gilboa - Sound Design and Acoustics

Acoustic Design

  • Analysis of acoustic problems and mapping of work plan to address these problems

  • Consultation and follow-through for Studio construction

  • Design and construction of studios and rehearsal rooms

  • Integration of domestic and recycled materials to save construction costs

  • Laying out of technical infrastructure, including wiring and soldering, emphasizing operability and functionality

"I consider the recording studio where I was born"                                                                                                                        - Jimmy Iovine

The room sounds amazing

Or: building a studio without going bankrupt

Fate decreed that I actually build the last 4 studios I worked in. Beginning with Sofasound studios and it's extension, through 2 phases of Sweetsound studios, Avi Belleli's studio, Gal Padeh's studio and up to Playground studios, I've managed to create a balanced and accurate - yet "live and characterful - acoustic space out of rooms that were clearly not well suited. I've also built and refurbished several home and project studios, and have fitted others with specific elemnts such as: sound-proof windows and doors, "floating" ceilings, drum risers and workstations.

All were done at a reasonable price and with the customer's full input about every decision.

Hed Gilboa Studio acoustic design and construction
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